Venue: Sawtooth Winery- A+

Andrea at Sawtooth Winery is FANTASTIC!  From the start she'll help you with anything related to the venue and she follows through with her promises.  The views are fantastic and my guests have not stopped talking about how perfect the location is.  It's a bit of a drive from Boise (about 45min) but I think it's totally worth it.  Also, go through Sawtooth for rentals (which come from EventRent.)  They'll set-up and tear down everything, which saves headaches on the day of!

Rentals: Event Rent- A+

I love Event Rent and have used them for many other events.  It was just a plus that Sawtooth started using them as their preferred rental company.  Everything was clean and working.  The only minor thing was 2 days before the wedding they had a lime banquet tablecloth come back with mildew on it and they weren't going to be able to get a new one in time so they replaced it with an orange one at no extra cost (orange was considered special order and therefore cost more).  It worked out fantastically and wasn't anything they could have done any differently.

Catering: All About You Catering by MeTime- A+

I cannot say enough good things about Beth!  She's amazing and works within your budget!  She's such a bubbly person and put me at ease immediatley.  Everything looked (and tasted) fantastic on the day of!  She'll feed any vendors on the day of at her cost and packs a "bride and groom basket" with the food for you to take to your hotel since you won't really get to eat on the day of. 

Photography: Let it Shine Photography- A+ so far.

Annie is a brand new photographer and we were her first booked wedding!  When I met with Annie for the first time, she didn't have a lot of pictures to show, but the few I saw I loved! And she's confident and extremely nice so I put my confidence in her and she hasn't let me down!  She did our engagement pictures which turned out fantastic!  She followed us around the entire day and the few pictures I've seen from her I have loved!  I know that I'll love the rest of them just as much!

DJ: Diamond Music Catering- A

We weren't originally going to have a DJ because it just wasn't in the budget... Then I found Brian and had a meeting with him and realized that since I didn't have a planner or a DoC then I needed Brian to keep things on track.  He's definitley worth his weight in gold.  He kept us on track as far as cake cutting,etc and kept the party going.  I only have 2 very minor complaints- He made a mix for us for our first dance and forgot to play it so we had to have him stop the song and start all over.  And during introductions he butchered a couple of names even though my mom was there feeding them to him.  Very minor in the grand scheme of things.

Cake: Albertson's Five Mile and Overland- A+

The cake wasn't really important to me and was the last detail I took care of, but on the day of the cake became one of my favorite details of the whole wedding!  Sarah and her team did a fantastic job turning my vision into reality.  I walked in there and pointed at one of their sample cakes and said I wanted to look like that but to change this and this and this.... And they followed through!!  Just make sure you talk to Sarah in the bakery because she's really the only one that can tell you prices when you start making changes to their base cakes.  I would recommend them in an instant!

More reviews to come!!